The Reckoning

Chapter 5.2

The Heir of Momohara Part 1

Tovae Choko faked her own death in order to save herself from the assassins. The girl’s naive persona was a ruse to lull her enemies into thinking her weak. She is grateful for the rescue. Saving her has closed the Convergence. The party quickly retreats from the Roshari back to Daijo.

On returning to Taivae, Yama then receives word that Fang has information for him. Fang tells him she’s heard many members of the Momohara family remain with Warlord Tatsu, who has ceased any military activity since the death of Katsumoto. No one is quite certain exactly where she is hold up at this point. He asks her to try to set up a meeting.

Yama tracks down her men and tries to bribe them into giving information on her. That fails, and he fights one in a duel, and wins, then intimidates the others into giving up Tatsu’s location.

Everyone meets for lunch, then gates over to Miyona. They spend the night at the palace of Momohara. Yama investigates more and plans a stealthy route there. They find several traps and an ambush led by a Highborn, but they defeat the foes. Yama tells them to turn themselves in and beg for mercy.

They sneak up to the fortress then magically tunnel underneath and into a laundry room. They sneak around and find Tatsu, but she doesn’t recognize Katsumi through her disguise. They find no evidence of Highborn prisoners. They explore the dungeons and find three Momohara prisoners and an Usagi samurai named Rotosh. They storm Tatsu’s room and knock her unconscious but the prisoners they rescued are killed.

They negotiate a reconciliation with Tatsu who agrees to go back to Momohara, and to reveal the Ascended, but only after Hisao has been dealt with.


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