The Reckoning

Chapter 4.2

Chao's Revenge

Chao plans to attend the secret meeting for the Order of Kyfzoik at the Twin Pagoda Shrine. Katsumi and Yama accompany him. They sneak up to the shrine and find it protected by numerous dragon monks. Chao sneaks inside and observes the meeting. He doesn’t understand the politics, so Katsumi sneaks in a learns they plan to usurp House Tovae‘s tea businesses. He recognizes the tea merchant Aya helping them. They wait and ambush Jizi and Chao kills him. They search him and find more notes about the teahouse coup, to Chao’s glee.

In the morning Katsumi sends a message to House Tovae telling them about the coup. They invite her to meet them. She tells him that the most important merchant in question is named Harana Jin. She also tells him about Aya. They bring Tovae Aran to meet her and she asks to improve relations between their Houses. He admits the Ascended is in hiding and they cannot trust her yet. He asks her to look into a Convergence in Yujojima.

She tells him about Naozumi and Hisao.

Yama gates back to Girzo and learns from Nisha that some of the soldiers have been deserting. He decides to ask around town see what is known about Katsumoto. He hears rumors about the Order of Vryntusun and Fang. He gates to go see her. He tells her Katsumoto is dead and asks a favor—he wants someone with Mask to disguise themselves as Katsumoto. She tells him about Begtang and Kalia. He offers to help her if she ever needs something.

In the meantime, Kagome investigates the names recovered from Jizi. He learns House Tovae is cleaning shop.

Everyone meets for lunch and shares info. They are poisoned at lunch and begin feeling sick. Katsumi magically aids the others and everyone goes to see the Darkguard. Kalia says she cannot interfere because Naozumi controls the island and won’t let them in. She agrees to remain in Ashama as a resource. She refuses to help Yama in his plan to disguise someone as Katsumoto.

In the kitchens, Katsumi finds one of the staff died from the poison.

Yama goes to House Momohara and disguises someone using mundane methods. He then spreads rumors about fake Katsumoto going on campaign.

That night, Katsumi plans to spy on a secret meeting between two of Yoshi’s commanders. Her intelligence indicates it will be held in a forest valley near Ashama. They find the meeting and observe it. They learn that Yoshi has been negotiating with Black Tiger, who is now hard pressed by House Fuichi. Yoshi plans to betray Black Tiger and seize a Silver Mine in question for himself, then blame House Yamada by using planted uniforms.

Katsumi goes to Fang and asks her to get a message to Black Tiger about the impending betrayal. Fang agrees to try to arrange a meeting. Chao and Yama are going to gate to Daijo, and Katsumi is waiting for Black Tiger.

He arrives a few days later for the meeting. He pays her some respect. She tells him about the plot. He says he will investigate it and if true offers he offers to ally against Yoshi and Fuichi.


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