The Reckoning

Chapter 4.1

The Arrival of Yama

Following their disastrous adventures in Ichinada, the PCs return with the Darkguard to Ashama. Katsumi has prescient dreams of a massacre and then is attacked by Hisao. She escapes by jumping out the window. He taunts her, and she flees into the safety of her barracks.

Chao receives a letter from Azka saying she has the info he wanted and to meet at the Lost Mermaid. He goes to meet her and they talk. He tells her about Ichinada.

She also tells him about Yama, a man who has come seeking the new, missing lord of House Momohara. The man got into a scuffle recently with some of Yoshi’s men and has, as such, earned attention as a foreigner in Okiyaman land.

Azka asks Chao to tell Katsumi she wants to talk to her.

Yama takes to gate to Momohara’s palace at Miyona. He talks to Nisha and she tells him about Katsomoto’s death. He tells her to maintain daily activities and keep Katsomoto’s death a secret. He returns to Ashama to seek out Kagome and Yamada.

Chao returns to Ashama and gives Katsumi the message from Azka. They speak, and Yama shows up to meet them. Yama speaks to Katsumi and Chao leaves to investigate Jizi. He learns he might be meeting with the Order of Kyfzoik tomorrow night.

Yama finds Chao and they discuss his mission. He asks Kagome to keep the death of Momohara secret as well.

Katsumi gates to Taivae and goes to see Azka at the Lost Mermaid. She tells Katsumi that she’s learned where two of Yoshi’s commanders are planning a secret meeting that might be worth observing three days from now. Katsumi mentions that Aki is dead by Hisao’s hand. Azka suggests they take revenge. She warns him about Hisao going after Kagome.

Hisao takes a shot at Kagome, but does not quite kill him. The assassin disappears behind a building. Katsumi returns and searches for Kagome.


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