The Reckoning

Chapter 3.2

Ichinada Temple Part 1

The group begins an exploration of Ichinada Temple. They encounter of mass of undead at the entrance, then defeat them. Following this, they swam through an underwater tunnel and encountered a Tidal Elemental. They fled from the elemental, through a locked door, and into a room that began flooding with water. Chao used Geomancy to open a way forward. They found a rotunda with doors they couldn’t open then continued down the hallway.

Gaps in the floor made for treacherous jumps. They found a locked door they couldn’t open and continued around the hall, avoiding a pit trap. They entered another rotunda where they fought a gloom shade. Katsumoto discovered a secret door leading into a chilly tunnel. They decide to rest for the night.

Katsumoto on first watch, Chao on second, and Katsumi on third. Chao hears moaning on his watch. He notices something below the stairs, but they leave it alone. Later, they wake an investigate the original rotunda and find Ancient runes on the ceiling. Unable to read them, they give up and return to sleep.

Katsumoto grabs some seaweed for them to eat in the morning. They go down the secret passage and find the stairs iced over. At the bottom, a wall of ice blocks their way. Katsumoto touches it and has a vision of Kazuki creating it.

They travel downstairs and encounter a horde of drowned zombies. Katsumoto is bitten and contracts the disease. They find a treasure room and loot it, then continue down the hall. The reach another underwater tunnel. They swim through and find themselves back at the entrance. They return and beat their way through the ice wall, then go down an ice slide. They cross a narrow ice bridge over a chasm. They slay a rime elemental and retrieve a large blue gem.

Katsumoto is bitten by a zombie.


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