The Reckoning

Ch 4.3

The Convergence of Yujojima Part 1

The group plans to head to Yujojima. They gate to Daijo, then disguise themselves as lowborn. Yama has a very convincing disguise, while the others have only mildly convincing. They convince a captain to drop them off near Yujojima, but he won’t go close because of ghost stories. The ship is attacked by pirates on route and the crew is killed. However, they capture the pirate ship.

They sail both ships to the beach on Roshari island. They lock the pirates in the captain’s cabin by tying a rope to the door and the mast.

The city is surrounded by a patrol of Naozumi’s troops. The group decides to sneak past the soldiers. They find the whole town consumed by darkness bleeding out of the Echo. The streets are empty and there is no sign of people. They can hear strange whispers on the wind, like spirits moaning in pain. They search for a denser concentration of the shadows.

Katsumi sees phantasmal images of troops sweeping through town and slaughtering any who stand against them. They appear to be seeking something.

Curses settled on on everyone. Yama sees phantasmal images entering into a shop. In a rundown shop, they find a trail of blood. Touching it yields psychometric visions of soldiers tearing the place apart looking for someone. They kill anyone in their way. One of the soldiers exits a back room carrying someone in a sack.

Yama tracks the blood. Exiting the shop they find themselves facing gui and void samurai.

The soldiers have brought the victim to an old cave. They are now wary of the Echo, but the girl escapes and runs into it. The soldiers are killed by a Feng and Xiao demons.

If the PCs manage to get past them, they find a rift down into the Echo inside the cave. Traveling inside, they are faced with a small army of pit soldiers.


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