Jade Heaven

Existing in a plane far above Roaya, the Jade Heaven is another spirit realm, one divided among the elemental forces of creation. From each element has risen primal beings called elementals. Each pair of elements, excluding opposite elements, has drawn together to form a city-state called a Vastness. Twelve Vastnesses dominate the Jade Heaven, each ruled by a Dragon King of their two elements. Legend says that Dragon Kings of opposing elements existed, but were cast from Heaven because of the chaos they represented. Each Vastness wages a continual war for dominance, though none can be allowed to truly win. For every Vastness is a force of creation. If one were to seize control, the world would fall out of balance. Recognizing this, the enigmatic being called the Jade Emperor oversees the Jade Heaven, maintaining a fragile equilibrium.

While Highborn can freely enter Echo, they can reach the Jade Heaven only through Heaven Gates. Heaven Gates are portals to a particular Vastness, usually located in a remote spot of Roaya and the Echo. Once found, the Gate can be used to reach the Vastness, and can even be attuned to like an Echo Gate.

Highborn can also summon elementals to aid them, which constitutes the most common contact between the Highborn and the Jade Heaven.

The Vastnesses

Shifting Sands: A realm of Air and Fire, this desert is amorphous, changing shape and locations over time.
Winter Wastes: The realm of Air and Water, the Winter Wastes is a giant tundra surrounded on all sides by massive mountains. At the center of the tundra lies a frozen sea, upon which the city of ice sits.
Floating Peaks: The realm of Air and Light. The Floating Peaks are mountains that hover in the air with nothing but sky beneath them.
Lightning Bog: The realm of Air and Shadow. This dark, dank swamp is often lit by lightning that crashes between the trees. The storms runs in random, continuous chains.
Shattered Caldera: The realm of Earth and Fire. This volcanic wasteland is a caldera hundreds of kilometers across, littered with twisted granite pillars.
Waterfall Cliffs: The realm of Earth and Water. A cliff a hundred kilometers high houses a massive city within it, hidden by a waterfall of unimaginable size.
Starfall Vale: The realm of Earth and Light. This misty valley is shrouded in perpetual starlight and covered in dense, mossy forest.
Jungle of Whispers: The realm of Earth and Shadow. Trees in this jungle grow so thick the canopy blocks out most light, creating perpetual gloom. Combined with voices that seem to whisper from all around, visitors face threat of madness.
Desert of Eternal Sun: The realm of Fire and Light. In this desert, the sun never sets.
Infernal Chasm: The realm of Fire and Shadow. A massive gorge that delves deep into rivers of magma and shadowy caverns.
Shimmering Sea: The realm of Water and Light. The Shimmering Sea sparkles even beneath the waves, suffused with radiant glow.
Murk Caverns: The realm of Water and Shadow. These caverns are filled with underground lakes and bogs.

Jade Heaven

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