From the dawn of time the Enlightened have walked among mankind, something more than human—a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Scholars claim the Enlightened are the reborn souls of those who once unlocked the secrets of reality. They are feared and worshipped across Roaya, demigods among men able to sense and use magic. In Solein, the foremost Enlightened are the Highborn. All Enlightened can learn to see into the Echo through intense meditation and those with training can physically pass between the two realms.

The Highborn: Descendants of the Ancients who inherited their magical powers. The Highborn built the Loinese Empire and subjected the Lowborn (everyone else) under their rule, claiming mandate from Heaven. They wield awe-inspiring elemental powers the Lowborn cannot match. Highborn are so feared that, beyond Solein, most were hunted to extinction following the collapse of the Imperium of the Ancients.

Youxia: Youxia, or ronin as they are known in Okiyama, are Highborn without Houses—so called Sundered. Sometimes a House itself falls, sometimes an individual is cast out for some offense. Youxia lose the blessing of their Shen. Many wander the Empire as knight-errants, trying to regain their lost honor through glorious deeds. Others become guild leaders, feared pirates, or rebels.

Revenant: Revenants are undead Highborn. Sometimes, when a Highborn or Youxia is murdered, their psychic energy is too strong to pass away. These ghosts linger, desperate to avenge the wrongs perpetrated against them.

Shaman: Non-human races like anurans do not have Highborn, however, they have Shamans that fulfill a similar role. Shamans become the leaders and protectors of most non-human tribes.

Witch: Witches are those who have made a pact with a demon or spirit in exchange for arcane power. These arts are called gu—black magic—in Solein, and have been forbidden throughout the Empire for centuries. All known witches were hunted down and slain, however, some continue to practice in secret. Both Highborn and Lowborn can make such pacts and thus become a Witch.

Magi: Magi are the mage-priests of the continent of Sozydat. Their mysterious powers are said to rival those of Highborn.


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