The Reckoning

Chapter 5.3
Hunting Hisao
Chapter 5.2
The Heir of Momohara Part 1

Tovae Choko faked her own death in order to save herself from the assassins. The girl’s naive persona was a ruse to lull her enemies into thinking her weak. She is grateful for the rescue. Saving her has closed the Convergence. The party quickly retreats from the Roshari back to Daijo.

On returning to Taivae, Yama then receives word that Fang has information for him. Fang tells him she’s heard many members of the Momohara family remain with Warlord Tatsu, who has ceased any military activity since the death of Katsumoto. No one is quite certain exactly where she is hold up at this point. He asks her to try to set up a meeting.

Yama tracks down her men and tries to bribe them into giving information on her. That fails, and he fights one in a duel, and wins, then intimidates the others into giving up Tatsu’s location.

Everyone meets for lunch, then gates over to Miyona. They spend the night at the palace of Momohara. Yama investigates more and plans a stealthy route there. They find several traps and an ambush led by a Highborn, but they defeat the foes. Yama tells them to turn themselves in and beg for mercy.

They sneak up to the fortress then magically tunnel underneath and into a laundry room. They sneak around and find Tatsu, but she doesn’t recognize Katsumi through her disguise. They find no evidence of Highborn prisoners. They explore the dungeons and find three Momohara prisoners and an Usagi samurai named Rotosh. They storm Tatsu’s room and knock her unconscious but the prisoners they rescued are killed.

They negotiate a reconciliation with Tatsu who agrees to go back to Momohara, and to reveal the Ascended, but only after Hisao has been dealt with.

Chapter 5.1
The Convergence of Yujojima Part 2

The group proceeds into the Echo and encounters Pit Soldiers. They sneak around them, find their way through the tunnels, then use geomancy to bypass lava rivers. They pass through tunnels of toxic fumes, then find a pair of oni tormenting Tovae Choko. They rescue the girl.

Chapter 5, Warfare

Ashvattha + Kagome vs Kyfzoik + Naozumi : the PCs win
Yamada vs Yoshi : Yamada wins and destroys Yoshi

Ch 4.3
The Convergence of Yujojima Part 1

The group plans to head to Yujojima. They gate to Daijo, then disguise themselves as lowborn. Yama has a very convincing disguise, while the others have only mildly convincing. They convince a captain to drop them off near Yujojima, but he won’t go close because of ghost stories. The ship is attacked by pirates on route and the crew is killed. However, they capture the pirate ship.

They sail both ships to the beach on Roshari island. They lock the pirates in the captain’s cabin by tying a rope to the door and the mast.

The city is surrounded by a patrol of Naozumi’s troops. The group decides to sneak past the soldiers. They find the whole town consumed by darkness bleeding out of the Echo. The streets are empty and there is no sign of people. They can hear strange whispers on the wind, like spirits moaning in pain. They search for a denser concentration of the shadows.

Katsumi sees phantasmal images of troops sweeping through town and slaughtering any who stand against them. They appear to be seeking something.

Curses settled on on everyone. Yama sees phantasmal images entering into a shop. In a rundown shop, they find a trail of blood. Touching it yields psychometric visions of soldiers tearing the place apart looking for someone. They kill anyone in their way. One of the soldiers exits a back room carrying someone in a sack.

Yama tracks the blood. Exiting the shop they find themselves facing gui and void samurai.

The soldiers have brought the victim to an old cave. They are now wary of the Echo, but the girl escapes and runs into it. The soldiers are killed by a Feng and Xiao demons.

If the PCs manage to get past them, they find a rift down into the Echo inside the cave. Traveling inside, they are faced with a small army of pit soldiers.

Chapter 4.2
Chao's Revenge

Chao plans to attend the secret meeting for the Order of Kyfzoik at the Twin Pagoda Shrine. Katsumi and Yama accompany him. They sneak up to the shrine and find it protected by numerous dragon monks. Chao sneaks inside and observes the meeting. He doesn’t understand the politics, so Katsumi sneaks in a learns they plan to usurp House Tovae‘s tea businesses. He recognizes the tea merchant Aya helping them. They wait and ambush Jizi and Chao kills him. They search him and find more notes about the teahouse coup, to Chao’s glee.

In the morning Katsumi sends a message to House Tovae telling them about the coup. They invite her to meet them. She tells him that the most important merchant in question is named Harana Jin. She also tells him about Aya. They bring Tovae Aran to meet her and she asks to improve relations between their Houses. He admits the Ascended is in hiding and they cannot trust her yet. He asks her to look into a Convergence in Yujojima.

She tells him about Naozumi and Hisao.

Yama gates back to Girzo and learns from Nisha that some of the soldiers have been deserting. He decides to ask around town see what is known about Katsumoto. He hears rumors about the Order of Vryntusun and Fang. He gates to go see her. He tells her Katsumoto is dead and asks a favor—he wants someone with Mask to disguise themselves as Katsumoto. She tells him about Begtang and Kalia. He offers to help her if she ever needs something.

In the meantime, Kagome investigates the names recovered from Jizi. He learns House Tovae is cleaning shop.

Everyone meets for lunch and shares info. They are poisoned at lunch and begin feeling sick. Katsumi magically aids the others and everyone goes to see the Darkguard. Kalia says she cannot interfere because Naozumi controls the island and won’t let them in. She agrees to remain in Ashama as a resource. She refuses to help Yama in his plan to disguise someone as Katsumoto.

In the kitchens, Katsumi finds one of the staff died from the poison.

Yama goes to House Momohara and disguises someone using mundane methods. He then spreads rumors about fake Katsumoto going on campaign.

That night, Katsumi plans to spy on a secret meeting between two of Yoshi’s commanders. Her intelligence indicates it will be held in a forest valley near Ashama. They find the meeting and observe it. They learn that Yoshi has been negotiating with Black Tiger, who is now hard pressed by House Fuichi. Yoshi plans to betray Black Tiger and seize a Silver Mine in question for himself, then blame House Yamada by using planted uniforms.

Katsumi goes to Fang and asks her to get a message to Black Tiger about the impending betrayal. Fang agrees to try to arrange a meeting. Chao and Yama are going to gate to Daijo, and Katsumi is waiting for Black Tiger.

He arrives a few days later for the meeting. He pays her some respect. She tells him about the plot. He says he will investigate it and if true offers he offers to ally against Yoshi and Fuichi.

Chapter 4.1
The Arrival of Yama

Following their disastrous adventures in Ichinada, the PCs return with the Darkguard to Ashama. Katsumi has prescient dreams of a massacre and then is attacked by Hisao. She escapes by jumping out the window. He taunts her, and she flees into the safety of her barracks.

Chao receives a letter from Azka saying she has the info he wanted and to meet at the Lost Mermaid. He goes to meet her and they talk. He tells her about Ichinada.

She also tells him about Yama, a man who has come seeking the new, missing lord of House Momohara. The man got into a scuffle recently with some of Yoshi’s men and has, as such, earned attention as a foreigner in Okiyaman land.

Azka asks Chao to tell Katsumi she wants to talk to her.

Yama takes to gate to Momohara’s palace at Miyona. He talks to Nisha and she tells him about Katsomoto’s death. He tells her to maintain daily activities and keep Katsomoto’s death a secret. He returns to Ashama to seek out Kagome and Yamada.

Chao returns to Ashama and gives Katsumi the message from Azka. They speak, and Yama shows up to meet them. Yama speaks to Katsumi and Chao leaves to investigate Jizi. He learns he might be meeting with the Order of Kyfzoik tomorrow night.

Yama finds Chao and they discuss his mission. He asks Kagome to keep the death of Momohara secret as well.

Katsumi gates to Taivae and goes to see Azka at the Lost Mermaid. She tells Katsumi that she’s learned where two of Yoshi’s commanders are planning a secret meeting that might be worth observing three days from now. Katsumi mentions that Aki is dead by Hisao’s hand. Azka suggests they take revenge. She warns him about Hisao going after Kagome.

Hisao takes a shot at Kagome, but does not quite kill him. The assassin disappears behind a building. Katsumi returns and searches for Kagome.

Chapter 4 Warfare

House Yamada engages Warlord Yoshi and wins.
House Kagome engages Warlord Naozumi and loses.

Chapter 3, Episode 9

Katsumoto needs to roll against disease. They climb an icy wall, then open a locked door. They find a pack of rat yaoguai holding a dying Kazuki captive.

Katsumoto contracts the disease, but is killed. He rises as a zombie and kills Kazuki, but not before she tells Katsumi that Naozumi is behind everything. The group finds a sealed door needing three gems. They go outside and meet up with the Darkguard then return to Ashama.

Chapter 3.2
Ichinada Temple Part 1

The group begins an exploration of Ichinada Temple. They encounter of mass of undead at the entrance, then defeat them. Following this, they swam through an underwater tunnel and encountered a Tidal Elemental. They fled from the elemental, through a locked door, and into a room that began flooding with water. Chao used Geomancy to open a way forward. They found a rotunda with doors they couldn’t open then continued down the hallway.

Gaps in the floor made for treacherous jumps. They found a locked door they couldn’t open and continued around the hall, avoiding a pit trap. They entered another rotunda where they fought a gloom shade. Katsumoto discovered a secret door leading into a chilly tunnel. They decide to rest for the night.

Katsumoto on first watch, Chao on second, and Katsumi on third. Chao hears moaning on his watch. He notices something below the stairs, but they leave it alone. Later, they wake an investigate the original rotunda and find Ancient runes on the ceiling. Unable to read them, they give up and return to sleep.

Katsumoto grabs some seaweed for them to eat in the morning. They go down the secret passage and find the stairs iced over. At the bottom, a wall of ice blocks their way. Katsumoto touches it and has a vision of Kazuki creating it.

They travel downstairs and encounter a horde of drowned zombies. Katsumoto is bitten and contracts the disease. They find a treasure room and loot it, then continue down the hall. The reach another underwater tunnel. They swim through and find themselves back at the entrance. They return and beat their way through the ice wall, then go down an ice slide. They cross a narrow ice bridge over a chasm. They slay a rime elemental and retrieve a large blue gem.

Katsumoto is bitten by a zombie.


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