The Reckoning

An Echoes: Highborn Campaign

This is a playtest campaign for the forthcoming Echoes: Highborn RPG system. This campaign specifically focuses on the warfare and political systems, such as House development and is set in Okiyama.

Chronologically, it takes place one year following the end of the Darkguard campaign.

Echoes takes place on the dark fantasy world of Roaya, a mortal world—one of thousands of worlds in the Cosmic Sea. It is defined by the two realms connected to it, the Jade Heaven, and the Echo. It was created as the setting for the Echoes Roleplaying System, a system with three intended product lines. Each product line ties to one of the three continents of Roaya.

Echoes Roleplaying Product Lines

Echoes: Highborn — set in Solein
Echoes: Witch Hunt — set in Earifon
Echoes: Discord — set in Sozydat

Each product line focuses on players playing one or more type of Enlightened:



First, there was the world egg, and within it, all elemental forces were balanced. But the egg was broken, and the two halves of its shell became the Jade Heaven above, and the Echo, below. The heart of the egg became the world, Roaya. And with the egg broken, the elements were sundered, and the Dragon Kings arose, One from each pair of elements.

Each Dragon King ruled a Vastness of the Jade Heaven. But the Dark Dragons—the beasts of opposing elements— were chaos incarnate. And so the Jade Heaven was torn asunder by their wars. At long last the Jade Emperor arose, He cast the Dark Dragons from Heaven. For three days they fell, At last crashing into the Echo. And from their blood and rage, rose demons.

And in the days that followed The Highborn arose to rule Roaya. But the Imperium of the Ancients too fell, Struck down by gods of the Echo.

The Queleszun warred for control of two worlds, And their war almost destroyed both. And so, at last, the Highborn turned on their gods, Casting them into the Void.

From the fall of the Imperium, Rose the Loinese Empire to unite Solein. -Excerpt from the Scrolls of Heaven

The Reckoning

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